Lilith & Equality

- Friday, November 11, 2005

There are many stories that we hear. Some we believe others we don’t. However I believe we can learn from everything that comes to our minds. The Bible talks of The Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. Perhaps this is a true story or perhaps it is a story from someone’s imagination.

There is another story that is gaining some interest and it is the story of Lilith. The story claims that Lilith was the first created woman and like Adam she was formed from the soil. That she quiet naturally thought of herself as Adam’s equal and demanded of Adam to treat her as such.

However Adam didn’t see Lilith as an equal and in sexual intimacy demanded Lilith to take the lower or subservient position. Lilith was outraged at this and would not allow herself to be controlled by Adam. This then caused Adam to complain to God that Lilith was evil and dangerous. Lilith fled the Garden of Eden and was never to return.

The story goes that God then created a subservient woman in Eve and that Lilith coupled with Devils and created evil children. I believe that this story can teach us much about modern day life. That we can further build on this story to create a positive message for mankind.

I believe that all people are equal in their hearts and souls..that material life can create rankings and status but that in ultimate reality it is all an illusion. For most of humanity we have judged according to gender, race, material wealth etc. However true peace and joy comes from no judgement and no competition fears.

I feel that our lives today are especially tainted with how we view women. I believe that many men fear women and in their fear try to control them. They attempt to act in ways that project superiority over the females in their lives. I believe lust and sexuality are perfect examples of this fear.

However I believe whenever any person attempts to control another or put themselves above another they don’t feel full passion for life. I believe that at a deep level the Lilith character knew of this rule of life and energy. That she knew Adam would not feel God fully by dominating another person.

A truly peaceful and powerful person is one who surrenders control of life. Who respects all of life from plants to animals to other people. This person receives energy and beauty from all things in his/her life and is in harmony with him/herself and God.

Why would any man want to be with a woman who he needs to control or exert superiority over??? Surely the best union of any two people is where they both respect each other fully. Where they can give each other total freedom as they trust each other equally and perfectly.

Even in sexual intimacy this rule applies. Once a couple surrender any need to control the encounter or each other true bliss is achieved. In surrendering their mind’s control they allow their heart’s energy to direct the encounter. To give and receive pleasure equally. Could it be that Lilith could see far into the future and that modern society needs to believe in Lilith more than in Eve???

I am hopeful at least in a small way that this website will continue with the message of Lilith. It is my intention that the models depicted in our galleries will project an image of style passion and grace..that their eyes will speak the truth that they are secure and empowered women who value everyone but need no one.

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