Melbourne Photographic Workshops

After 20 years photographing and publishing imagery of people I have decided to share my experience and passion in an ongoing workshop series. They are run in a very relaxed and non pressuring format and are open to people of all levels of experience.

The most recurring theme is about relationship and connecting with people with as little protective walls as possible. To me photography is like intimacy where photographer and subject connect at a very deep level. If one or both are not humble and free the connection will not in my opinion create the most empowering image.

Whilst my career has featured mostly aesthetically beautiful people I believe my success has been largely due to the energy of my images. I have always favored truth over suggestion and much of what is covered at these events focuses on achieving this. I believe the most powerful image is one that exudes style, passion and grace.

I also believe that everything including architecture, automobiles and people have angles that are more flattering than others. Therefore no matter what my subject may be I am always looking to present the best aesthetic angles in my photograph. Once again the workshops include much discussion and demonstration with regards to this skill set.

Whilst I have not been professionally trained the workshops do cover many technical aspects. Lighting, camera settings and framing are all covered and discussed at length. Further to this much attention to detail in regards to wardrobe, location and shot concept is covered.

In general I believe a photographer has an enormous opportunity to inspire others with their work. To this end these workshops are very passionate about helping people to create images of high impact and passion.

Cost for the model workshops is between$70-120pp with participants limited to between 4-6 people. Also have a series of portrait workshops at $50 per head.These workshops can be found on the following link -

I also run private workshops with less participants that can be accessed either by contacting me direct or registering on the mailing list from this website.

Images by Workshop Participants

Incredible emotion in this shot by Edy Lianto.Wonderfully expressive shot of Ella by John.BVery sophisticated shot of Em by Frances Egan.Highly emotive shot taken by Eugene.Wonderful shot of Claire taken by Evan Steele. This is exactly the look that I see as empowering.Depicts a person with no fear of loss and no need for competing.
Another fantastic mood shot from Evan Steele. Love the depth of passion between the two models.Shot taken by Frank Cecconi of Lisa. I love this shot as it so emanates Lisa's powerful essence.Frank has captured the moment with this one.Once again Frank has beautifully captured the moment. Also love the framing as it brings in the energy of the wall.Wonderful shot of Abby by Frank.S. Has such anempowering feel about it.Love how Frankc has framed Jo in this shot. Also love the shallow depth of field.
Shot from FrankC on the roofdeck of the studio. Often models are working with up to 8 photographers.Wonderful urban capture from FrankC. Love the strength of the background and Penny's expression.Stunning portrait shot of Penny by FrankC. Love the humility and freedom captured in her eyes.Great shot of Fontaine by FrankS. Model looks so perfectly real in this shot.Truly beautiful capture by FrankS. Model is so at peace and authentic.
Shot taken in 2010 by Frankc of Samantha. I was a bit concerned about the intimacy exposed but believe that the soft focas has a beautiful feel to it.Wonderful shot of Bel by Gavin Poh. Such freedom and authenticity.Strking presence and lines in this shot taken by Geoff.Even Polly's body exudes an authentic energy in this shot by George.Amazingly graceful shot of Emma by Gary Furzer.
One of the most powerfully captivating shots I have seen. Phoenix by Garry.FShot of Bel by Glen Barton. Power of capturing a model in the moment.Another great shot of Bel by Glen Barton.Love this shot of Caitlin by Greg. Captivating power.Incredible lines and freedom of movement in this shot by Greg.
Wonderful image by Gary.T. Gym shots are so difficult to make look authentic and this one is spot on. Also love the framing and shadow.Another powerful image by Gary.T of Claire. Even though her eyes are down you can feel how in the moment she is.Amazing depth of presence in this shot by Hamid.Wonderful shot taken of me by Hooman at the portraits workshop.Another deeply emotive portrait by Hooman.
Great emotion in this shot of Neave by Ian.Love the energy and aesthetic in this shot of Olga by Ian McKay.Shot of Jo by Igli. Think his framing here is spectacular.Another shot of Jo by Igli. Think he has captured an amazing aesthetic and mood.Shot of Brooke by Igli. Love the mood and the use of shallow depth of field.
Fantastic dynamic feel to this shot by Jason.kImage from the June 13 workshop by Joseph Bailouni. Think this looks so graceful and flowing. Such a gentle and humble energy.Another June 13 image from Joseph Bailouni. Think that energy can be felt in photos even when they are back shots. There is such deep empowerment emanating from this image.This was shot with Chris stationary and Lisa in movement. Jenni took the pic with a slow shutter speed and created the surreal affect we see hereAnother wonderful shot by Jenni. I love the strength and humility that has been captured here.
Beautiful silouette from Jenni of Laura. Beautiful lines and beautiful energy.Love how gentle Claire looks in this shot by Jerwin.Shot taken of Joanna. I love how noble she looks in this pic. I believe that women who have elite looks should project humility if they are to empower those around them.Wonderful shot of Jo and Claire by Patrick.Piercing presence in this shot of Sienna by John.B
Amazing presence in this portrait by John.Wonderful presence in this shot of Olga by John.BLove how engaged Tessis here in this shot by John.BStunning shot of Jo by Arnie at the 2010 Sydney workshop.Captivating shot of Karlo by Andrew
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