Comfort Zone Addictions

- Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What is it that makes people into robots and become addicted to all kinds of self destroying behaviour. I have a passion for having a clean and tidy house of which I am very proud. However I know to others it is a compulsive addiction and I am beginning to realise they maybe correct in their assumption.

I know it gives me pleasure but is that an excuse to block my mind to what the true realities of life are all about. Is it time that I stop acting like a robot activated by fear...fear of not getting recognised. Ie; “Isn't she wonderful how she keeps the house” Fear of facing getting out of my comfort zone in what the material world calls “normal” and to start and explore and gain knowledge about my true learn how to best serve the reason that God has put me on this earth for.

Unfortunately being human we all have a weakness some more than others . Mine is cleaning. It is a giant security blanket from where you can hide from all of your insecurities. People especially sensitive people are very frightened at being caught out as being sensitive. They feel that the so called normal world will think of them as being weak. So they stay in a fake comfort zone.

In reality they are hurting themselves and everyone around them – not intentionally but like the robots they are can stray off course and and cause trouble. Fortunately I am realising my robotic addiction but like all bad habits and negative actions one has to stay still and listen to what your common sense is saying. This sometimes takes time especially for very sensitive people as they have so much energy of what others are thinking and have an enormous fear of rejection.

It takes much compassion and understanding to break that wall of fear and self pity. What is called compulsive and addictive behaviour is really a call for recognition. unfortunately people, especially the very sensitive, are confused and ignorant of what they are capable of doing in helping others. They are unaware of what true recognition really is. How truly rewarding it is when you realise your true self and see through your own false persona.

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