Confusion, Control and Knowledge

- Sunday, October 21, 2007

I believe that we all come in to the world with a mind open to receiving information. However in my opinion we are coming into a world that in general is very confused and very protective of this confusion. As such we are very quickly conditioned to not trust the world we are born in to.

In fact it is most probably our parents and those that are most connected to us who confuse us the most. Our ability to sense emotions is very acute right from the start but our ability to understand what we feel and think in a rational way takes many years to develop. In these early years we are at the mercy of parents and teachers and our environment in general.

The thing is very few of us are born into an environment that is even close to perfect. The people who influence us don't mean to be less than perfect and they certainly don't mean to hurt us in any way. Most protect their emotional confusion from their kids by putting on secure and confident fronts to the world. However as kids and as adults at some level we sense what is happening inside of our fellow humans.

The main problem I see in society is that when we do grow up and receive the capacity to think in a mature adult way we are still chained to the childhood confusion. We carry the hurt within our bodies and try and block any person or situation that brings us confusion. It is this fear of confusion that in my opinion creates much of the fear and violence in society.

We seem to place appearances and pride far above freedom and knowledge and truth. We fight so hard to control our appearances to others that we take ourselves further and further away from the purity we were born with.

So many people seem to judge confusion as a terrible place to be. We seem to prefer to protect our confusion from others rather than seek clarity and knowledge. The thing is most of us have confusion and insecurity. Most of us fight for control but don't feel like we have it. We seem to compete with each other rather than realise that we should work togeather.

I truly believe that for humanity to find peace that we must all individually stop protecting information and emotional conflict. When all is said and done to me the strongest person and the most free person is the one who has a core belief in purity rather than evil. Life and our loved ones will invariably confuse and hurt us. However if we go deep enough for understanding we will transform the confusion into emotional freedom.

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