Croc of Shit

- Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This philosophy has been inspired by the media surrounding the passing of Steve Irwin. The title originated from an off hand comment I had made to a friend. She asked me if I had seen the Ch 9 interview with Terri Irwin. <!--more-->My immediate response was that it is all a Croc of shit. The play on words was totally unplanned and my response was instinctive passion. I quickly calmed down when I realised what I had said and we began to discuss the issues surrounding Steve's death.

I mentioned how shallow I believe it is when celebrity couples sell exclusive rights to their wedding or photos of a new born. Also how networks and magazines go to extreme lengths to protect or seek exclusives. For the media to apply the same sort of commercially driven philosophy to a tragic death to my mind went too far.

There is no doubt that the public were shocked at Steve's death and that there is a great need for information and enlightenment. However was there a need for exclusives and did the media need to get in depth interviews so soon after the event? Further was it appropriate for Germaine Greer to come out so quickly with comments at least in my opinion partly driven by judgmental perceptions?

In all cases people have acted from their point of view and are most likely not aware of any impropriety. Eddie Maguire and CH9 are used to the dog eat dog world of media and Germaine would have felt like she needed to make a stand amongst what she saw as biased and over the top media. We all live in such a conditioned world these days that our truest and most heart felt instincts are deeply hidden. So much so that many aspects of life that are devoid of heart are barely noticed anymore.

At least Steve Irwin had passion and honesty. He was very open with his words and actions and did create much opinion and feeling. He seemed to care little for reputation and portrayed an aspect of Australian life that is being increasingly hidden by American influence and political correctness. The guy may or may not have said all the right things or acted in always the most perfectly appropriate ways but he was there for all to see warts and all.

His openness and honesty appears to have been shared by his family. His wife Terri spoke of the enormous passion shared with Steve. She also suggested that many marriages lack truly deep and honest love. I believe this to be true. We are so intent on presenting the appropriate image and being secure, safe and comfortable that little real passion is left. Whilst we worry so much about the opinions of others and society we sell out on our own hearts. How can we expect to maintain passionate relationships in marriage when we are not truly passionate about ourselves.

Further, I believe we are living in a world where very few of us have a passionate respect for other people and their actions or for life. However we fear being judged by these very same people and world. I truly think that this world needs some leaders to stand up against the conditioned society we live in. People who are prepared to speak their minds and live their lives free from the fear of judgment. People who put real heart felt passion ahead of a need to uphold a reputation amongst their peers.

In conclusion I would like to highlight an ad running presently on CH9. It starts by featuring a series of tragic events and then launches into a voice over saying something to the following effect....AT CH9 WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON BRINGING YOU THE EXCLUSIVES FIRST. My question is should there really be pride in highlighting tragedies quicker than anyone else???

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