Ego, Stress and Awareness

- Friday, March 25, 2005

I believe that the majority of us have a fear of being judged. We wish to be viewed by others as being almost perfect people. We are so intent on valuing our reputation above all else that we lose the bigger picture.

We all face situations in life that test us and we all make mistakes. If we were not so intent on protecting our image amongst others we would share our mistakes. We would be open to our perceived failings and consciously learn from and teach eachother to be happier people.

From a personal perspective this website is a chance for me to come clean with all of my life's confusions. To admit that I have been far from perfect and have struggled with life at times. It is an opportunity for me to reach others who may have similar confusions. It is also an invitation for others to reach me with their advice and help.

At times I think we view life as an ego game. A game where the winner is the person who appears to be the strongest. The person who says to everyone else that life is simple and I am better than you because I am happy and in control.

If we could lose our need to compete and realise that we are all connected then we would all be alot happier. If the game was to win as a team then we would be more inclined to share our experiences. To talk openly about the things that confuse us or that we are guilty about.

We would look as eachother as equal and share our thoughts on any subject no matter how personal it may seem. In this way we would combine to consciously co create a way to live togeather without stress. In this world status would count for nothing and attaining group success would be paramount.

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