Facebook Ignorance

- Friday, March 18, 2011

Like many others I have a page on facebook. I regularly upload information about my photographic workshops and also get involved in the various discussions. In my time on there I have frequently become frustrated with some of the things posted. So often people use their status section [ this is a section where you can make statements to the people on your friend’s list] to attack others or just to vent.

The other main use for this section seems to be to incessantly post what I see as frivolous and irrelevant pieces of information. Further most people then support these messages which to me supports the person to feel like their messages are valid and worthwhile. I see that something like facebook can be so empowering given how many people it reaches. However in general it would seem to be more of a destructive tool than a positive one.

I beleive that this is perhaps a mirror of society in general. That we are becoming ever more distant from our deepest feelings and emotions. That things like facebook give us an opportunity to be quick and shallow. Further that the constant messaging is yet another activity that can keep us occupied and at the same time shield us from deeper issues on an individual and society standing.

In general I see that much of human nature conditions us to be shallow in thought and ignorant of pain. Funny thing is that the word ignornant seems to be becoming a very offensive one to use. However ignorance from my perspective is not suggesting that a person is in any way stupid. I use it to suggest that a person is not making it a priority to be self aware and self responsible.

I further believe that the more advanced society becomes the less authentic is our communication. We are in a constant rush and rarely take the time to go deep into our beliefs, emotions and general thinking. In this way we are continually becoming colder and more distant whilst pretending that we are not. However if people decided to communicate from an honest persepective I beleive that we could very quickly re connect with heart and create relationships that are compassionate and fulfilling.

Think that everyone has some pain that they have experienced. By resisting pain and looking for things to do to take our minds off the pain we are creating deeper pain. Popular mediums like facebook could be fantastic tools to heal humanity quickly but only when we are prepared to speak from our hearts and not fear the judgments of others.

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