Free of Fancy Clothes

- Friday, October 28, 2005

I am angry this morning..angry about labels..angry about money..angry about love as a possession and most angry that people seem to have lost faith in their hearts..the world..the future.

Our hearts are the only truly perfect things we have. If we create from the heart we can create perfection...dependancy on possession changes our connection to our hearts...we become fake, stressed and lost.

We were born naked and if the scriptures are true humanity was created without clothes and any material possession. Yet now we have created material life and if we had not lost connection to our hearts life would be much more perfect. However we have lost our creativity..we are producing a world without passion. We have a world where we believe we NEED things to be happy.

We judge each other on clothes and money and appearances and status. Hollywood is on a massive pedestal amongst the masses and sex and lust seems to have hidden the true beauty of intimacy and love.We are so intent on finding love from outside of our own hearts that we have constructed an illusion that could become hell on earth.

I believe in our deepest hearts we are all equal. However there is no equality in the illusion we are living in. We have so many fake idols and possessions that we use to judge each other by. If material wealth really worked...if it really made people happy then it would be a perfect plan. However so many people who have enormous material wealth are not happy. Many so called stars are addicted to drugs and suicide doesn't seem to be just the domain of the materially poor.

I am not saying that material possessions are bad. I love many of the things mankind has produced. There is so much beauty in architecture, music, art etc etc. However many of us want to possess material things and each other. We become needy of things for our self love and miss the gift of truly appreciating beauty for beauty's sake.

The same in a relationship. If we start to feel like we need our partner then we lose the freedom to love ourselves. If we love ourself then we will feel equal with everyone. In this frame of mind we will trust each other and we will also freely marry with our perfect partner.

Life should be about living not surviving should be about passion and freedom.

People are so caught up in the need to acquire possessions and status that they are chained to their fear and stress. This state of mind then closes them down. THINK SMALL HURT BIG. The more people think they need the more self absorbed they become and the more hurt they inflict on themselves and others.

I have some amazingly deep hearted friends who have fallen into this trap badly. They have had their hearts hurt and believe that they need to close themselves off from compassion and sensitivity in order to survive. They worry about their appearance and also worry about how they are viewed by others. They are hurting deep inside but prefer to ignore the hurt. Instead they place great value on fancy clothes and fancy restaurants. They don't have the money to afford these things but feel compelled to seek these possessions to be happy.

They also continually seek attention. The attention they seek is very fake. They try to be sexy and don't truly value their beauty, both aesthetic and within their hearts. They have some of the most sensitive hearts I have ever felt but instead of opening their hearts and saving themselves they continually seek from outside. They look for saviours amongst other people and material possessions.

They pretend that they are strong and confident and hide their fears from others and most dangerously from themselves. I believe these friends of mine are very representative of the society we are creating. We have lost faith in who we really are and try and lie to each other. We pretend that we are travelling well and are terrified if anyone sees through our walls of deception.

It is time for HONESTY,INTEGRITY AND KNOWLEDGE. For people to admit their weakness'. The only truly strong people are those who admit when they have fear and guilt. These people share their lives and emotions...not for sympathy but for knowledge. We can only get hurt when we ignore life's lessons. When we pretend we are better than others even though we feel like we are less. No one can be hurt if they search deep into the truth of their fears.

I believe that if we continue to close our hearts...if we continue to not trust each other that we will create a massive wakeup call for ourselves. The more we get lost in the material world the closer it will come to destroying us. If we just started to be tell the truth and to not care how we are admit our weaknesses and have a faith that there is an answer to our fear and confusion...then we would find true strength and true passion for life.

The world has experienced some pretty big wakeup calls. The tsunami and the recent bombings have started to galvinise people. To get us to start to bond together and support each admit that we are vulnerable. On individual levels we also get our wakeup calls. An abusive partner or a broken relationship or the death of a loved one. At these times we do admit our vulnerability and sensitivity. However many of us forget our wakeup calls and fall back into our illusion all too quickly. What will it take to truly wake us up???

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