Gender Balance

- Friday, February 11, 2005

I believe that we are living in a world that is experiencing a gender imbalance. By this I mean that we are becoming dominated by the stereotypical male characteristic. Many women are in my opinion also becoming overly masculine in their personas in reaction to the males in their lives.

Many males appear to be aiming to be strong men but in my opinion are skewed with their perception and are acting foreign to their true essence. As a male growing up in Australia I have felt myself to be influenced in a way that had me act in an overly agressive manner.

Whilst I enjoy cars,sports, gym and many other traditional male domains I also felt many emotions that I felt were contrary to how a male should be. I have always been very creative , emotional and sensitive and on many occassions have been embarrassed by these characteristics.

The strange thing is that it has been women as much as men who have supported me in persisting with this conflict. Many women in my life have been favourable to the image of a dominant male. Many times I have driven agressively, pumped heaps of weights or confronted another male just to impress certain females in my life.

Whilst much of this behaviour was solely due to my delusions much was also supported by others. They appeared to respect and encourage this outwardly agressive side .

However the longer I lived in this delusion the more inner turmoil I endured. This lack of inner peace created an ever growing frustration with life that further fuelled my agression. Of course this insecurity also manifested itself in many other ways. I was controlling of my surroundings and this included the women in my life.

This control created a reaction from many of the people with whom I mixed. Some would be submissive whilst others would reflect back my fear and agression. Unfortunatly many of my female friends fell into the reactive group and displayed the masculine biased traits aswell.

These days I am begining to learn that the true strenghth in any man is to be a balanced person. To be true to your essence which is human not exclusivly male or female.

If men and women can evolve to treat eachother as people and not compeditors then I feel we can attain a peaceful existence. To accept eachothers insecurities and delve deep within eachother to teach and learn. To cease our reactive impulses and to truly create.

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