Horse Riding

- Saturday, April 24, 2004

I believe that emotional sensitivity is the greatest gift a person can have. I have a friend who is as sensitive as anyone I have ever met. For the past 6 or more years I have been trying to get her to believe in her senses and search them for her wisdom.

Of late she has been making some amazing progress. On the phone last night however I sensed she was a little down and jokingly said that I was not going to let her get off the horse anymore. That every time she falls off I am going to do my best to make sure she gets back on.

Having high sensitivity is a gift but it is a gift that takes much patience, faith and learning to master. When I thought more about this I found that the mention of a horse was very apt. A thoroughbred horse can also be highly sensitive but has the potential to be a fantastic friend.

Once the horse and rider have a faith and trust in each other they will travel as one synchronised force. I believe we all need to realise the power and purity of our sensitivity and work to understand the emotions that this sensitivity brings. Once we lose fear of our sensitivity and see our emotions as our most powerful friend I believe we can achieve anything.

The big trick is to get back on the sensitivity horse when we fall off.. So long as we continue to get back on we will all reach our zenith. Nothing truly valuable comes without effort and faith and self love is our ultimate prize. A person who can be open to their feelings and rationalise what they find there is the strongest person in my opinion.

I believe we all need to ride the horse of life. We have to look at the wild horse as the beautiful creature it is. If we can learn to trust the horse the horse will give us the ride of our life. However the horse is not broken easily and is a very sensitive creature.

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