Human Nature and Transparency

- Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is my first piece on human nature. It is such a deeply passionate topic for me so I expect to add to it over time. To come right out with what I feel my opinion is that human nature is screwed but that our essence is amazing. In writing this piece I am of course generalizing. There are many many people who have a wonderful nature and are very honest and balanced. However in general I believe that humans grossly sell out on their true potential.

When born I believe we are all emotionally free. We experience life with full wonder and do not recognize separation. However our minds are not developed and we are subject to the influence and direction from our environment. This is the human nature that blocks our essence as we grow. People tend to grow up and develop separation beliefs and lose trust in others, themselves and life. This creates a nature that is competitive, needy, manipulative and desperate.

I am now 44 years old and in my time the society I live in has pedestalled appearances and privacy well above integrity and honesty. I am keen to help start a campaign titled ‘Transparency”. This campaign will aim to make open and honest communication our number 1 passion. So many aspects of our lives promote protection, control and struggle. Parents, religions, governments, media and almost every other powerful influence lacks full transparency. How is life ever going to be fulfilling if we continue to raise our children in an environment that refuses to communicate openly?

I truly believe that the meaning of life was to create a more joyfull existence for our spirits. However human nature and all of the powerful influences mentioned above has seemingly convinced us otherwise. Like most people I have experienced pain and have questioned life and God whenever I have been confused by pain. However if I am to live as a human I choose to search all of life’s experiences for reason. To live with the belief that life was created for enjoyment.

I believe that the best way to find meaning to life and to experience joy is to be honest. To forget about how we compare to others and to embrace our emotions at the deepest level. So many of us worry more about what others think of us than we do about what we think of ourselves. In doing this we are selling out big time on our hearts. I believe our hearts are connected to abundance and joy. They know the way to live the perfectly balanced life and cry out for us to listen. However we seem to have preferred to live as victims to life rather than reach for our hearts.

At present life seems to be crying out to us on every level. The natural environment is suffering, the economy is similarly in pain and results and validation seem far more important to people and organizations than the experience of open and equal relationship.
I believe that the best way to heal all these ills in society is for every single person to become passionate about self empowerment.

I believe if every individual placed personal transparency and self awareness as their priority then life on all levels would reach excellence. The human energy is the most powerful force on the planet yet whilst it ignores its essence the creation it produces is more destructive than empowering. I believe we should all place our internal strength above any external including parents, children and partners. Only when we as individuals are strong enough to be fully self aware can we ever expect to empower any of our loved ones or our environment.

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