Lust and Men

- Sunday, March 29, 2009

The other night I visited a stip club and wondered how some would view me for attending. I love the shapes of some women's bodies and faces and if the energy of the woman is humble can become incredibly inspired. However many times when I have visited such clubs I have found both the patrons and the dancers to be very dis empowering.

I would imagine many people would judge the dancers and the men who visit them to be lustful and mis directed. I have experienced lust myself when in the precence of attractive women but do not think of myself as a shallow person. I have searched whenever I have felt overwhlemed by aspects of life and the exposure to beautiful women has been a wonderful learner for me.

I have come to realise that much if not all of my lust was related to feelings of need. Further realised that much of my need was connected to things of great beauty. This also led me to look at addictive behaviour and a belief that people who do get addicted are mostly and perhaps always people of very deep sensitivity. That they feel things deeper than others but become overwhelmed by how much they feel.

If these people do not go deep to understand their feelings they often become insecure and needy. This can then manifest in either dominant or submissive behaviour. In both instances these personality traits are not balanced. A person of deep sensitivty who is not balanced becomes very succeptible to externals of great beauty and /or power. The aesthetics of a beautiful looking person is perhaps the most powerful energy in human life. For the history of humanity beautiful people and especially women have exhibited enormous power.

So with regards to strip clubs is the behaviour really as shallow and easy to judge as may seem? Sure there is so much possession and control games going on but this is the surface level reaction in my opinion. How many of us look a little deeper to understand the energy that fuels all this behaviour. Many people become lustful and addicted to food or clothes or shoes or even children and pets. Are all of these things lacking in beauty or is it the addictive reaction that blocks the beauty and empowerment?

My opinion is that the men who lust after beautiful women are deeply sensitive but have lost conscious connection to their senses. If they slowed their minds and bodies down they would receive so much more strength from their ability to sense the aesthetic and inner beauty of the women they lust after. Similarly people who rush through food or continually buy new pairs of shoes are also missing the initial beauty of the things they consume. I believe that if people prioritized being self aware and secure that they would be empowered by all beauty in their environment.

With regards to beautiful naked women I think there really is a powerfully pure base to the attraction. That the reaction from many including the women themselves is not pure does not guarantee that the true reality of beautiful women is not a positive thing.

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