- Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just saw a cartoon where a man jumped into icy water and his cartoon nipples popped up like those on a pregnant woman. Why are men’s nipples acceptable and women’s are not? How stupid is this? Once again it is restriction and possession in my opinion.

To me a woman’s nipples are such a gift. They are sensitive to a level that can bring such access to pleasure and beauty for both the woman and anyone who touches her nipples with care and respect. However society seems hell bent on censoring the sight and access of women’s nipples.

To my mind this censoring is creating limit and restriction. If anything it is really making the female nipple something to lust over. I am not suggesting that we should encourage suggestive images of women’s nipples. However if we presented beautiful imagery of women’s nipples where an energy of respect and gentleness was apparent I believe the result would be positive.

In most aspects of life society seems to promote separation and competition. Further to this abundance is hidden and restriction sold on mass. Then with restriction we can create limited supply and high demand on the most desirable aspects of human life. I believe that women’s bodies are as desirable as anything in life. However the way they have been handled by society is severely dis empowering to all people.

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