Open Minds - Strong Hearts

- Sunday, January 01, 2006

We are in the first day of 2006 and the world seems to be in confusion and fear. I truly feel that the world will be saved by individuals and not governments and not a saviour or second coming. So many of us don't love ourselves and look for the world to save us. We are low on faith and self esteem and are bitter and weak.

We pretend that we are strong and we put up walls of mistrust and judge and moan. We are so dependant on so few and pressure them for attention and validation. Why don't we open ourselves to everyone who crosses our path. To take the risk to be trusting and honest. To take everything people have to give us and to learn to understand them,ourselves and life. So many of us blame another person or event for our anger and fear and pain. We just don't seem to want to reach into our hearts for true strength. We don't seem to want to take any responsibility for our own destiny.

Many people have said to me that they need to be tough and strong to survive life. That they have to be this way to protect their hearts.. that someone who lives from an open heart is weak and open to being hurt and taken advantage of. I believe this is utter crap. For mine the strongest person is the one who has their heart fully open. A person who does not accept being hurt. A person who faces adversity, retains their self esteem and accumulates an ever evolving wisdom of life.

These people are not selling a product.. they are being real and open and honest. They give out a calm positive energy and are more likely to get a positive energy back. They are less likely to be rejected and if they are they search and work out why. They treat everyone as an equal and as such gain strength from everyone.

On the other hand the people who act hard and tough .. the people who have their walls up. These are the ones who get further hurt by life. These people hide their hearts and are quick to reject people before they can be rejected. They use their walls as a survival tool and rarely if ever feel the magic of real love.

However real love is in every one of us. I believe we all have pure hearts and that they can never be damaged. However when minds are closed with judgement and fear they stop the heart from being heard. Once the messages of the heart are silent to the mind we perceive life as a struggle to survive. Without our hearts to direct us we cease to see real beauty and perfection in our lives. We allow our minds to cloud our reality and we become sheep in a very dark and unhappy paddock.

If we really want to get out of this paddock then we need to open our minds fully. To allow our hearts to work with us to fully understand our life on earth. To realise we all experience fears and doubts and to work together in honesty and humility to create a better world.To face all of our guilt, understand it and then be free to be real with anyone and everyone. To not fear judgement and to have the strength to not judge others.

I for one am not happy with the world the way it is. I am not prepared to accept things the way they are to live in a comfort zone and wait for someone else to take the risks. I do however believe in my instincts and my heart. I do believe in a higher power and I do believe that our hearts are connected to this higher power and ourselves. I love truth and honesty and I love humility in people. I also love beauty and believe that humans are meant to be peaceful and passionate.

In Australia today we have had widespread bush fires. The photo accompanying this writing is from Merimbula where I am staying presently. Whilst the bushfires are tragic I think that the image can be related to this story. There is much damage in the world from closed minded thinking. However beneath the act that we live in are very powerful hearts that contain the blueprint for a very beautiful world. Perhaps it is time for some very strong and deep hearted people to believe in themselves and this world. Perhaps it is time for them to light the fires of their hearts to burn away the rubbish and create a new and everlasting earth that we will all be proud of.

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