Matt Bottos - Sunday, January 29, 2012

The term slow in some instances can be very offensive. To call someone slow can be suggesting that they are stupid. Further that if they are stupid they are also far less worthy than someone who is not deemed stupid. Because of this there is an enormous pressure in society to be quick and smart so as to avoid the punishment that is attributed to a slow person.

Whilst the trauma of being slow starts at school age it would seem to be repeated much throughout adult life. How many of you feel stressed and even aggressive when people pressure you on the road to cross an intersection before you feel it to be safe? Once again often the pressure coming from behind is suggesting that your slowness is also a reflection of your being stupid or incompetent.

However could it be that the real stupidity is the pace and pressure we live life under? For the history of mankind it would seem that we have created dysfunction. Such things as mistrust, violence, hunger, greed ect being prevalent. In modern times where we are meant to be so advanced it would still seem that survival, control and winning is far more important than love and unity and peace. However the majority of us accept society as it is and place little thought on how to make it better.

One of the main reasons for this pace and achievement pressure is the avoidance of pain. I believe that we are so fearful of our own insecurity that we make it a priority to to be ignorant of it. Hence incessant activity occupies our minds and makes it easier to avoid uncomfortable feelings. Further material success helps to convince us that we are more secure than what the reality often is.

So on this basis I see that slowing down and having far less dependency for material success could be the most intelligent way of living. From this place we would more likely be aware to our own emotions and those around us. We would have the intent and time to care about and understand each other rather than compete.

People who choose to be slow and deep will however be likely to encounter much opposition. People who rush and avoid emotion are in the majority. Such people do not respond well to being questioned. Further the more a person lives from a slower and more aware place the more often their life decisions will be at odds with what society holds as it’s security blanket behaviours.

The key is to take nothing as gospel but to still consider all that your environment brings forth. Then with a philosophy of being personally aware rather than being superior or protected you will gain access to a deeper knowledge. The more access you get to this knowledge the more secure you will become. Then from this secure place you will remain calm and free no matter how loud and aggressive the car horn behind you may be.

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