The Silent Devil

- Friday, July 06, 2007

I have written the following on my myspace site and thought it could be interesting to post it here aswell. I am very much a person who doesn’t accept depression in myself as natural and normal. I frequently search my emotions for empowerment. The following refers to an aspect of life that I believe is the cause of much mental instability. It talks of energy and confusion and how we all pass it around. It is touching on things that many in the science world and spiritual healing fraternity are interested in. However to my mind the medical people don’t seem to give it much respect. Would be interested in the opinions of people on this site.

Best Wishes Tony.

I have always felt emotions very deeply. When younger I was not aware to my ability. I could sense things in others but didn’t relaise I was. These days I am becoming more aware to my own mood swings. I stop and ask myself why my mood or energy changes.

This questioning allows me to become aware as to how the other person is feeling. In a way it takes me out of my own self absorption. In the past I would absorb the other person’s emotions and in not being aware own them as my own emotions. However given I didn’t know this the emotional change in myself would confuse the hell out of me.
Usually the person I was with would project a front that was hiding what they were feeling inside. Therefore if I did sense and take on their inner conflict I would not think that they had caused my mood change in any way. I believe so many people try to bluff others.We don’t want to admit to having fear of life and instead project what we want the other person to perceive us as.

I see the energy that is behind the bluff as combining to form an energy that I call the Silent Devil. I believe this energy is the cause of much of the mental instability in humanity. The people most sensitive to energy are the ones most affected by this silent devil energy. However if they are not aware to their ability to sense the emotions of others hidden beneath the bluff then the bluff hides the silent or subtle energies that are being exchanged.

To me this is another reason why privacy and protection can be so damaging to society. It is cool to keep things private but only if you yourself are understanding of the things you are keeping private. If you are ashamed of these things then your energy is being felt but the person feeling it in most cases will understand it even less than you do. This then creates an even bigger confusion within them that is then bounced back to you and silent energy just keeps building until it explodes.

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