The Tsunami and Higher Ground

- Monday, June 12, 2006

I have just read a reference in a book about the tsunami and how the wild animals were not killed. The author suggested that the animals sensed the energy approaching and travelled to higher ground. He then suggested that it would not have been a conscious decision and that they would have just acted without thinking.

I then wondered if animals do feel more than humans or if perhaps the human capacity to think blocks our connection to our senses? If this is the case is thinking a negative ability to possess? I believe that our 6th sense is strong and is a gift. I also believe that our ability to think and communicate is a gift. However too few humans use these gifts in harmony in my opinion.

In fact I believe that the more sensitive the human the less chance there will be of a stable mind. People with the gift of heightened sensitivity seem to become overloaded with information. Their minds tend to become self absorbed with cluttered thoughts and emotions and their connection to their sensory gift is dulled.

However these same humans are to my mind the potential leaders of society. They have the ability to sense things before others. However not many of these gifted people become leaders in my opinion. Because they are unaware of their sensitivity gift they tend to become victims to all the things they feel. From the victim mentality they also become too self absorbed to clearly hear or understand their senses.

If the wild animals could have understood what they were feeling and if they could have communicated to humans they would have saved lives. How many sensitive people out there are not leading others to higher ground? How many of these people are either not aware to their senses or too scared to speak up?

Our world is experiencing many tsunami type attacks. I also believe that they are really wakeup calls for humans to have the courage to go deep into their emotions and think clearly. It is time for truly sensitive people to value their gift and learn more about it. To clear their minds of judgment and self absorption. To use their sensory perception to understand the storms that are brewing in the world and lead humanity to the passion we all have deep within.

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