What is Energy

- Thursday, August 25, 2005

When I use the term energy I think I am referring to our inner state of being. This inner state communicates with everyone and everything in my opinion. Whilst humans believe most in words and actions I believe that it is our inner state that communicates with the most power. Given that this is spirit the material world and rational thinking has placed little significance towards a person's energy.

However there is an ever increasing amount of research coming out with regards to this topic. One of the most potent comes from Doctor Masaru Emoto. He is studying the affect that words and emotions have on water.

So far his research into the nature of water reveals that water has the ability to register and store vibrations produced by the written and spoken words and by thoughts, feelings and sounds conveyed to it. One of his most famous experiments included instructing people to project love and gratitude to a water sample. The water was crystallised by freezing it and then examined under a microscope and photographed with special cameras. The crystalline structures of the water specimen revealed infinitely beautiful forms and shapes.Other water samples subjected to negative thought energies reflected ugly forms, colours and shapes.

Given that  at least 70% of our bodies and 70% of the planet comprises water then the experiment above gives us plenty to think about. It seems to add validity to the theory that our emotions and thoughts can affect the composition and health of our bodies and our environment.

I believe that humans have the most powerful energies on the planet. However our intent and where it is sourced from shapes if the power is to be a pure or destructive one. Many humans are self absorbed in stress and struggle and as such their intent is often unconscious. Therefor the results they create are most likely not the creations that their heart's would desire. I further believe that some humans have a deeper power in energy sensitivty than others.

If there is a hierarchy of sensitivity what is the sensitivity connected to? Is this sensitivity due to awareness or is it genetic or just spiritual? My thoughts are that sensitive people have a spiritual gift to feel energy at a deeper level than normal. What they do with the energy they receive will shape the sort of energy they exchange with others. If they become a victim to their sensitivity and become confused and stressed then they will give off a negative energy. If they become aware to their sensitivity then they are more likely to give off a positive energy. When I talk of positive energy it is related to a person being true to who they are.ie; Being secure and honest and calm. Negative energy is related to confusions, fears and inadequacies.

I believe that energy is information and that the understanding of such information brings about wisdom and peace. Hiding from such information brings about confusion and turmoil.Because energy is not accepted as material it is very hard to understand and accept. However we have all felt varying emotional states and mood swings for no apparent reason. I believe that these are the affects of energy as touched upon in Doctor Emoto's studies.

I believe that our sanity in the near future is going to be dependant upon an understanding of energy. People's emotional levels are affected by their worldly experiences. If as I believe we can feel each others emotions then an understanding of these experiences and accompanying emotions will enable us to learn how to help each other rather than react to the stored fears of life most of us have. If our emotions and thoughts can be felt by others then I believe we need to make an effort to become transparent. To be more honest with our words and less protective of our reputations.

We all at one time or another have had trouble with life. Our energy levels are exchanging this fact every day. However most of us do not speak this truth. Instead we deceive others and ourselves into believing that we are strong. The most sensitive of us in the community can feel these lies but struggle with what we feel. Because they are just feelings and cannot be rationally proved we start to doubt our feelings and our sanity. Even if Doctor Emoto's research had not been publicised would it be so wrong to be honest about our emotions and the energy that they project.

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