Resist Persists

Tony Ryan - Saturday, June 18, 2016

I believe that the things we ignore or resist not only persist but grow and in a destructive way. In my own life I am becoming more aware that as soon as I feel discomfort I tend to rush into judgment. That I have been conditioned to be  precious with so many aspects of life that trigger me to feel vulnerable.

I think our society in general is not good at handling discomfort. That we are increasingly looking for quick fixes to any sort of pain or discomfort. We seem to want to bury much of what we feel so deeply that it becomes out of mind. I wonder if much of our physical pain and stress is related to this quick fix mentality.

What if stress, emotions and the physical are all intimately joined ? I believe they are and when the emotional becomes physical we are too quick to treat the symptom rather than slow down and patiently look for the root cause. I think much of this comes down to what I see as a common human dysfunction. I believe that our communication skills are terrible. That we are so self absorbed in avoiding discomfort that we are shallow and distracted in how we interact with ourselves and others.

Life is confusing at times and often is uncomfortable. However we tend to hold bias towards so many aspects of life and in so doing are often manipulating what is. It is not accepting what we are feeling and creating a resistance to that which is stored deep inside. The more we resist and store such things the more intolerant we become with ourselves and with anyone or anything who touches on our stored pain. Further we become addicted to the activities and substances that we believe are curing us of pain and discomfort.

So in my opinion it seems that how we use our minds in regards to the things we feel vulnerable about is creating an ever increasing disease inside and outside of our bodies. However if we treated the physical and emotional pain that is coming from inside with less bias and more rational consideration things could be so much better. No one likes to be abandoned or ignored or judged. Why would our emotional and physical pain respond differently?

I believe that if more people accepted their discomfort that we could become physically healthier people. Further that we would become more honest and emotionally secure. We would then become less self absorbed in pain and more connected to life, relationship and love.

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