The Power of Questioning

Tony Ryan - Friday, November 11, 2016
There seems to be an increasing level of conflict and stress within relationship. Whilst there are likely many factors I believe that our lack of transparency is a big issue. As individuals we are conditioned to resist our own vulnerability and to do all we can to hide it from others.
However people and life experiences in general are often questioning us on a multitude of levels. I believe that the more we resist our vulnerability the more pressured we feel by such questioning. That this creates division in relationship and an increased lack of composure and trust.
On so many levels the world runs on fear - politics, media, parenting, religion ect. Further this fear drives us to present manipulated appearances for fear of punishment and rejection. We cannot expect our leaders and authority figures to be open and honest when we as individuals often live in pretense.
If we wish to liberate ourselves and our environment we need to change our relationship with vulnerability. Instead of doing all we can to hide and distance from it we need to embrace it for knowledge and acceptance. To become passionate about self improvement from the inside out through deep and consistent self questioning.

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