Trust, Presence and Creativity

Tony Ryan - Monday, December 19, 2016
We have just completed our second optimizing creative output meeting. Once again I am excited to share some of what was discussed.

At the first meetup Hayden suggested we define the term presence. So at this meetup we continued on this line. Most people attending suggested it is linked to being emotionally and mentally aware. To know what we are feeling and how we are experiencing our lives from moment to moment.

We also agreed that describing presence is likely going to be an ongoing process. However this process will be improved and accelerated if we decide that being present is a priority for us.

In a photograph presence is in my opinion more felt than seen. However the feeling is transparently powerful. When you look at a photo that is in presence you as the viewer feel totally comfortable. I believe that if a photographer can develop consistent presence that their photos will inspire those who view them.

Also when we operate from presence whilst we are passionate and dedicated we are also in the flow of life. As such our creative endeavors become enjoyable and have ease rather than restriction.

I mentioned a friend of mine who is a massage therapist who i believe operates from perfect presence. I said that when she touches you you feel her grace and composure and you let go of the need to protect or prove yourself. That you trust her and in trusting surrender your resistance and protection.

If a photographer or for that matter a mechanic or doctor or anyone can operate from presence the people they are in relationship with feel like they can trust. Once trust is in play relationship becomes truly creative and the creative process becomes one of unity. I believe that unity is infinitely more powerful than separation and mis trust.

Once we have a base of trust relationship and creativity becomes optimized. However few aspects of life or people in history have operated from a base of consistent trust. So it is important that any individual who wishes to maximize their creative potential zeros in on their base of trust.

This is where something I posted on my Facebook page is very relevant. It reads as follows -"I thought not having self-compassion can make a person robotic, non-encouraging and even live in the head and appear narcissistic or know-it-all.. what I understand is if you forgive yourself, feel tolerant of your own shortcomings, inabilities and imperfections and accept these imperfections and still feel compassionate towards yourself.. then you feel empathic with other's problems, shortcomings, imperfections.." these words were sent to me by a friend and I believe they are touching on how to develop consistent trust.

That whilst few people or aspects of life are consistently sacred or trust worthy if we can locate and come to acceptance and understanding with the lack of trust we have inside that we can begin to develop outer trust.

The Power of Questioning

Tony Ryan - Friday, November 11, 2016


Appearances and Mental Health

Tony Ryan - Friday, August 12, 2016

I think that we live in a society that puts far more energy and effort into appearances than truth. That most of us are insecure within ourselves but are not open to accepting this. As such we put up fronts to protect our inner state of being. [More]

Resist Persists

Tony Ryan - Saturday, June 18, 2016

I believe that the things we ignore or resist not only persist but grow and in a destructive way. In my own life I am becoming more aware that as soon as I feel discomfort I tend to rush into judgment. That I have been conditioned to be  precious with so many aspects of life that trigger me to feel vulnerable. [More]


Tony Ryan - Wednesday, April 25, 2012

At a recent photographic workshop the model for the day looked very tense and restricted during the first part of the shoot. I spoke to her about this and on reflection she told me she was feeling pathetic. I believed that one of the photographer’s had contributed to this because he was getting frustrated with the model for not being relaxed. He didn’t say anything directly to her but did mention it to me. Further I could feel how angry he was and must admit was surprised at his level of anger. [More]

Apple for The Teacher

Tony Ryan - Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I believe that few humans live their lives from the depth of their essence. We may be born as feeling beings but are born into a world of rules and structure. A world that imposes a very definitive and cold doctrine over many of our most powerful experiences. [More]


Tony Ryan - Saturday, February 04, 2012

In the past week in Melbourne there have been 2 front page stories about one of our ex footballers. The first story being about him visiting a jail and having cocaine traces on his clothing . The second story being the footballer refuting any evidence that suggested he is taking cocaine. This led me to question what most people would do in a similar situation. [More]


Matt Bottos - Sunday, January 29, 2012

The term slow in some instances can be very offensive. To call someone slow can be suggesting that they are stupid. Further that if they are stupid they are also far less worthy than someone who is not deemed stupid. Because of this there is an enormous pressure in society to be quick and smart so as to avoid the punishment that is attributed to a slow person. [More]

Fear of Loss

Tony Ryan - Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I often think about the fear of loss that I believe I and many others live by. Was just talking on the phone with my Mum and she inspired me to look into the subject again. She is a very sensitive woman but for much of her life has lived in fear in her relationships. A few years ago it got to the point where she would become very cold in any situation that involved her feeling uncomfortable. [More]

Facebook Ignorance

Tony Ryan - Friday, March 18, 2011

Like many others I have a page on facebook. I regularly upload information about my photographic workshops and also get involved in the various discussions. In my time on there I have frequently become frustrated with some of the things posted. So often people use their status section [ this is a section where you can make statements to the people on your friend’s list] to attack others or just to vent.

The other main use for this section seems to be to incessantly post what I see as frivolous and irrelevant pieces of information. Further most people then support these messages which to me supports the person to feel like their messages are valid and worthwhile. I see that something like facebook can be so empowering given how many people it reaches. However in general it would seem to be more of a destructive tool than a positive one.

I beleive that this is perhaps a mirror of society in general. That we are becoming ever more distant from our deepest feelings and emotions. That things like facebook give us an opportunity to be quick and shallow. Further that the constant messaging is yet another activity that can keep us occupied and at the same time shield us from deeper issues on an individual and society standing.

In general I see that much of human nature conditions us to be shallow in thought and ignorant of pain. Funny thing is that the word ignornant seems to be becoming a very offensive one to use. However ignorance from my perspective is not suggesting that a person is in any way stupid. I use it to suggest that a person is not making it a priority to be self aware and self responsible.

I further believe that the more advanced society becomes the less authentic is our communication. We are in a constant rush and rarely take the time to go deep into our beliefs, emotions and general thinking. In this way we are continually becoming colder and more distant whilst pretending that we are not. However if people decided to communicate from an honest persepective I beleive that we could very quickly re connect with heart and create relationships that are compassionate and fulfilling.

Think that everyone has some pain that they have experienced. By resisting pain and looking for things to do to take our minds off the pain we are creating deeper pain. Popular mediums like facebook could be fantastic tools to heal humanity quickly but only when we are prepared to speak from our hearts and not fear the judgments of others.


Trust and Communication

Tony Ryan - Friday, February 18, 2011


Young Nudes Not so Black and White

Tony Ryan - Tuesday, December 07, 2010

nb; The following piece was written a few years ago in follow up to another piece I had written about an Australian photographer who was in the news for photographing people under 18 years of age.Mr.Rudd was at the time Prime Minister of Australia and had made some strong comments in the media about Mr.Henson.


In writing Child Pornography my motivation was not so much about Bill Henson and his photos as it was about beauty, freedom and innocence. I am 44 yet I still so believe that the world can be a beautiful and pure place. When I heard of Mr. Rudd’s comments I felt a deep passion to open up discussion about what had transpired.

I felt so much guilt and fear within Mr. Rudd and believed that his lack of awareness combined with his standing in the community was very damaging. I believe the majority of adults and an increasingly higher number of children and teenagers have lost or are losing faith in innocence and purity.

I truly believe that the essence of people and the essence of society is and always will be pure. However on the surface we are so not thinking and living with faith and passion. We have become a society that is most motivated to appear strong and free than actually be so.

With regards to nudity and young women I truly believe there is an amazing physical beauty. Further if humility is reached the essence emanating from a beautiful nude can be so empowering. However in today’s society images of young naked women are far more disempowering than uplifting to those who view them.

I believe that from a very young age girls are conditioned to think of their looks as a commodity. They become both competitive and protective. This is not in my opinion healthy for them or those they come into contact with. Further young boys are conditioned from a young age to be tough and strong and to avoid showing emotion. The result being control and possession from both sexes. There is no room for unity and equality in this conditioning.

When Mr. Rudd entered a strip bar in America I wonder what he was thinking. I am sure the majority of the women in this bar were far younger than he. When interviewed about the incident he seemed very apologetic and guilty. However in essence I would imagine that Mr. Rudd would have found some of these women attractive.

I believe if we are really honest with ourselves many of us would admit to finding young women attractive. I do not see anything wrong with admitting this. The problem seems to be how we handle the exposure to beauty and its powerful affect on us. I believe many humans have low self esteem and feel vulnerable around things that touch them deeply.

To my mind this is an enormous issue in society. We have so little faith in our own essence and the essence of society that we become so fearful of loss and so needy for validation, possession and protection. With regards to attractive young women the issue is even more out of hand than in most other aspects of life including money. Attractive women have become just about the biggest commodity we have. This extends to sex where there is little equality and a massive need to control.

Many of the responses to my initial piece talked about the need to protect our kid’s innocence. I believe that many of the adults angered by this event are holding little or no belief in innocence and purity as being real. Therefore they are reacting from fear and protection of something they believe their kids have but they have long ago lost.

An issue such as nudity and children is such a sensitive one and seems to have much confusion surrounding it. Surely this is providing us as a society with an opportunity to take away some of the barriers that adults seem to have in regaining a belief in their own innocence and purity and that of the world around them.

As it stands now I feel like many adults are protecting their children from what they see as a definitive about life. i.e.; That the world is not a pure place and never will be. That once you grow up you too will lose your purity so for now we are going to let you live in ignorance of how the world is.

I sincerely hope that this incident is not stored by most as confused judgment. Experience seems to have brought humans fear not freedom. If we continue to judge and condemn that which we don’t understand this will just get stronger. Already children are suffering due to our ignorance.

I so believe that if humans are prepared to search their emotions deeply and calmly communicate what they find that we can create a much more pure and honest world. A world where we would not have so much fear for what our kids will discover when they grow up.


Transparent Photography

Tony Ryan - Sunday, May 09, 2010

In photography I realized clearly in a recent shoot how much I value people who are present. People who are free from any need to protect their vulnerabilities. People who do not pedestal the camera result over the joy of the moment. So many people have fallen for the trap of taking life as life and death rather than a creation for enjoyment. However to fully be free and enjoy a game we must learn the rules and skills. [More]

Self Absorption Disease

Tony Ryan - Friday, December 18, 2009

I find that people consistently are unreliable and at times manipulative in my business and personal dealings. Over my life this has greatly affected me and I have often become instictively cold as soon as I feel cheated or disrespected. These days whilst I still get hurt I honour the hurt and search the siutation at depth. [More]

Hate is a Strong Word

Tony Ryan - Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Mum stimulates much of my writing with our conversations. One thing that she doesn’t like owning up to is hate. She has experienced much pain in her life emotionally and in my opinion has felt hate many times in her life especially when feeling rejected. However when I mention this she replies with ‘Hate is a Strong word’. She then admits to perhaps disliking someone but never to hating. [More]

Faith and the Storage Factory

Tony Ryan - Saturday, July 04, 2009

I believe that few of us have faith in who we really are. As such when we feel insecure or uncomfortable we rarely feel passionate about searching inside. Further we have been heavily conditioned to accept what authority figures direct us to have faith in. This may be religion, parents, media or school. [More]

Human Nature and Transparency

Tony Ryan - Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is my first piece on human nature. It is such a deeply passionate topic for me so I expect to add to it over time. To come right out with what I feel my opinion is that human nature is screwed but that our essence is amazing. In writing this piece I am of course generalizing. There are many many people who have a wonderful nature and are very honest and balanced. However in general I believe that humans grossly sell out on their true potential. [More]

Movie Script

Tony Ryan - Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I am always pondering my moods and life in general. I have been away on a long holiday near the beach and on returning to Melbourne have been feeling very dis oriented. [More]

Confusion, Control and Knowledge

Tony Ryan - Sunday, October 21, 2007

I believe that we all come in to the world with a mind open to receiving information. However in my opinion we are coming into a world that in general is very confused and very protective of this confusion. As such we are very quickly conditioned to not trust the world we are born in to. [More]

Croc of Shit

Tony Ryan - Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This philosophy has been inspired by the media surrounding the passing of Steve Irwin. The title originated from an off hand comment I had made to a friend. She asked me if I had seen the Ch 9 interview with Terri Irwin. <!--more-->My immediate response was that it is all a Croc of shit. The play on words was totally unplanned and my response was instinctive passion. I quickly calmed down when I realised what I had said and we began to discuss the issues surrounding Steve's death. [More]

The Tsunami and Higher Ground

Tony Ryan - Monday, June 12, 2006

I have just read a reference in a book about the tsunami and how the wild animals were not killed. The author suggested that the animals sensed the energy approaching and travelled to higher ground. He then suggested that it would not have been a conscious decision and that they would have just acted without thinking. [More]

Comfort Zone Addictions

Tony Ryan - Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What is it that makes people into robots and become addicted to all kinds of self destroying behaviour. I have a passion for having a clean and tidy house of which I am very proud. However I know to others it is a compulsive addiction and I am beginning to realise they maybe correct in their assumption. [More]

Open Minds - Strong Hearts

Tony Ryan - Sunday, January 01, 2006

We are in the first day of 2006 and the world seems to be in confusion and fear. I truly feel that the world will be saved by individuals and not governments and not a saviour or second coming. So many of us don't love ourselves and look for the world to save us. We are low on faith and self esteem and are bitter and weak.  [More]

Dog Bites and Victims

Matt Bottos - Friday, December 30, 2005

Recently in Australia there has been a spate of dog attacks. The government is looking at legislating to eliminate certain breeds. I believe that these attacks have a deeper message for us all to listen to. Just recently on a trip to Sydney I was bitten by a dog for the first time. [More]

Free of Fancy Clothes

Tony Ryan - Friday, October 28, 2005

I am angry this morning..angry about labels..angry about money..angry about love as a possession and most angry that people seem to have lost faith in their hearts..the world..the future. [More]

Dependency and Control

Tony Ryan - Saturday, September 10, 2005

This website is about following our passions and being free from fear and judgement. Many of the models who choose to appear nude on the site have to go deep into their hearts in order to have the courage to pose. Many face fear of judgement from boyfriends, parents, friends and peers. [More]

Highs and Lows

Tony Ryan - Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Was talking to Dad today and he said that we need to experience lows to appreciate the highs. I have heard many people say this and my instinct has always been that there must be a way to appreciate life without needing lows. [More]

Fear School

Tony Ryan - Wednesday, May 25, 2005

On a recent phone conversation with my mother the topic of fear came up. This is not unusual as it is a constant source of discussion between us. Recently one of Mum's brothers had mentioned to my mother that I had referred to my parents as alcoholics. [More]

A Little Ray of Sunshine

Tony Ryan - Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I met a girl last night, I think her name was Tina. If fate allows I would love to see her again. She just has something about her. She is so deep and has so much emotion. She is a truly inspiring person. It is like she opens herself up 100% to life's energy and now just needs to have faith in the information that this energy brings. [More]

Ego, Stress and Awareness

Tony Ryan - Friday, March 25, 2005

I believe that the majority of us have a fear of being judged. We wish to be viewed by others as being almost perfect people. We are so intent on valuing our reputation above all else that we lose the bigger picture. [More]

Gender Balance

Tony Ryan - Friday, February 11, 2005

I believe that we are living in a world that is experiencing a gender imbalance. By this I mean that we are becoming dominated by the stereotypical male characteristic. Many women are in my opinion also becoming overly masculine in their personas in reaction to the males in their lives. [More]

Horse Riding

Tony Ryan - Saturday, April 24, 2004

I believe that emotional sensitivity is the greatest gift a person can have. I have a friend who is as sensitive as anyone I have ever met. For the past 6 or more years I have been trying to get her to believe in her senses and search them for her wisdom. [More]

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