Empowered Beauty Calendars

For much of my photographic career I have been known for the calendars I produced. From 1992 through until 2008 my calendars were an enormously successful passion for me. In this time I photographed and published the AFL Men For All Seasons, Pumped Up Down Under, Bodyline Femme and Bodyline male calendars. Also produced calendars for Lynx and various other commercial entities.I am in the process of uploading shots below from these calendars. FOR ANY COMPANIES INTERESTED IN PRODUCING THEIR OWN CALENDARS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME AS I AM STILL VERY INTERESTED IN THIS ASPECT OF PHOTOGRAPHY.


Classic shot of Sam from the 2000 editionShot of Penny used in the 2014 fitness calendarRenee Henderson is the cover model for this calendar.Shona on the cover of the 04 Bodyline
This was a one off featuring male Aussie Celebs. At the time had actors from Baywatch, Melrose Place and the recent Spartacus series.This was an online calendar featuring artistic nudes. Penny is the cover on this one.
2011 qrt nude edition.Atisa on the cover of the first Bodyline Femme calendar.
Tony Hall's torso in the first ever Men For All Seasons calendar.David Grant, Tony Modra and Gavin Wanganeen on the cover of the 94 edition.1995 edition where we mixed Rugby League and AFL in the one calendar. Kouta and Crawf on the main cover.1998 edition which was also featured on a prime time ch 9 doco.
99 edition with Jon Hay on the cover.2000 edition with Kouta back on the cover.The very first PUDU calendar printed under licence to John Sands.Nicky again on the 03/04 cover.
Sam Steele on the 05/06 cover.Stacey McMahon on the 06/07.Nicky Whelan on the final PUDU over thus far.The second and last calendar published through John Sands.
The first PUDU calendar published by me with Rachel Swaney on the cover.1995 Pumped Up Down Under with Tracey McCabe on the cover.Jenny Konstan on the 1996 cover1997 PUDU with Neighbour's actor Emma Harrison.
98/99 edition with Sarah Jane.99/00 edition with Melita. Also first Jim Beam sponsored one.Nicky Whelan on the cover of the 02/03 edition.00/01 with Sarah Jane again.

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