Tony Ryan

Tony Ryan

I have for as long as I can remember been deeply passionate about beautiful aesthetics. In 1989 this passion led me to starting up Down Under Creations, a business that is still running now. I commenced as a photographic director and in 1995 took over the photographic duties. I have always loved what I do and am always keen to get deeper and deeper into my passion.

Over the years I have photographed and published images that have been marketed through posters, calendars, magazines, books, cards and also in television documentaries. I have endeavored in this time to present models to look both aesthetically beautiful and have placed equal importance on presenting images where the models project a deep humility.

These days I have a shared passion with photography and writing. I am very open to receiving photographic assignments and also in taking portfolios for those interested. My writing is based on exploring emotions and society beliefs on a broad range of topics.

The images on these pages are a selection of work that I have completed in my near on 20 years in the photographic industry.

Best Wishes Tony Ryan.

2010  shot from the Aussie Bodies catalogue shoot. Love the authenticity of the expressions captured.Single light set up with Alyssa. Creates such depth and passion.Whilst this shot is perhaps framed poorly I beleive that the essence energy makes for a fantastic shot.
Shot of Erin from Pumped Up Down Under. Have always loved the surf and this pic is one of my favourite of this style.Shot of Atisa from the original Bodyline Femme cover. Love the beauty of her lines and the humility of her expression.Perhaps one of my most popular images ever. Mars was so free and natural being photographed with her baby boy. Really allowed her essence to shine through.Shot of Ashton from a recent workshop.Once again I believe much of the power of this shot is in how natural the model looks and feels.
Love how structured and present Bel looks here.Recent pic from my latest online 09 calendar. Try to create scenes where it looks like the model is real rather than posed for a shot.Classic pic of Lisa from the original Leapoffaith site. Even though no face can be seen the integrity of her energy can be felt.Pic from a couple of years ago of Penny. Love the freedom in her eyes. Very passionate about having my models appear natural in my photos.Shot of Chris that was used on a billboard for Vodka Cruiser.
Recent shot of Dan that would have been used in the 09 Bodyline male calendar had it gone ahead.Love the light in this pic. Has such a powerful precence about it. Lighting can really make or break the taste of a shot as can the model's energy.An image from Pumped Up Down Under. Love toned physiques and humble expressions. Believe this shot depicts both beautifully.Very powerful head shot from 08. I believe that a person's essence can be recorded and felt in a photograph. This image being a powerful proof.
Love the power of shots where it looks like the model is not posing for a camera.Love the humility and wonder in the model's eyes. So important to bring the essence of subjects out in photos.Shot of Renee from the Bodyline Femme calendar.Shot of Tisa for an international lingerie catalogue and point of sale.Shot of Bec from a shoot we did for an American fitness magazine.
Love this shot for it's transparency of emotion.I love the shapes of women's bodies. The back and bottom in this image truly beautiful and inspiring in my opinion.Love the shape and tone of Fontaine's body and her authenticity

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